My father loved me no less deeply than my mother.

This laptop belongs to me.


All that matters is to be happy.

She does not cook well.

Have you read Nathaniel Jackson's new book?

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You look like a tourist.

It takes only seconds.

Say, at the moment I'm considering acquiring an used bike of 150 or 250 cc for more or less a hundred thousand japanese yen.

Sometimes you should sometimes make a mistake to be properly understood.

We're good friends.

Shannon took off his coat because it was getting too hot to wear it.

Take me there.

It's too late for you.

He doesn't think so.


So fast did he run that they couldn't catch up with him.

His acting is far from being perfect.

Take your time. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

The members of the opposition party were enraged against the bill.

In December 1989, he sent troops to Panama.


I'm going to need a lift.


You've said nothing so far.

It's the best book that I've ever read.

There's a swimming pool and a bowling alley.

I bought a round-trip ticket.

Anonymity is important.

He must have left.

Where did this money come from?

Did you tell Joe that?

The people of the village built a wooden bridge across the river.

Do you speak Berber?

I'll let you speak to Deborah.

The beer glass is almost bigger than you are.

I already told Cindie.

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They were afforded the opportunity to work for the government.

Let's wait a few days and see what happens.

They had only one child.

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Niall and Marshall moved in together to save money on rent.

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It's too late to apologize now.

The European polecat is sometimes called a skunk because it emits a skunk-like odor when threatened or during courtship.

I want a sub rosa investigation of the bodies.

The snowman had melted completely by the next morning.

The guards found Dan's cell empty.

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New Horizons has taken pictures of Pluto.

Where is your honey that excites the bees, Pyragy?

I turned the lights out.


That's no way to speak to your parents!


Could you call a doctor?

The sun sank below the horizon before I knew it.

With a different hairstyle, you'd look ten years younger.

She is a dull and ugly girl. I don't understand why she's so admired.

I want to speak English.

How long can I keep this book?

I love my mother.

The morals of our politicians have been corrupted.

I can't stand it for long.

I assume this is what you're looking for.

How much time do you spend shaving every day?

Darrell was angry at himself.

Well, I like that idea.

In winter it gets dark early.

Are we still going to go over to Ramanan's after school?

Could you tell me my balance?

I let them sleep in.

Kazuhiro has achieved remarkable results.

Make solidarity and equal rights the cornerstone of public policy.

I tried to translate the sentence "The cat says "meow" into five languages, but none of the translations was correct.

I'm waiting for the ferry.

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The government is promoting the use of domestically made products.

You told her yes, I hope.

Pay attention!


Have any of you seen her?

Whose letter is in this envelope?

Amos is extremely good-looking.


I don't like this author's books.

I found the banana on a steep mountain road.

Joubert says Kristen hired him.


Where there is heart, there is luck.

I eat some cheese.

No one is allowed to translate this sentence.

Give me a little.

We must deal with this problem.

She employed him as a programmer.

Murray and Celia haven't heard from John in a long time.

Kathryn's explanation was too complicated.

I'm pretty sure Syed's Canadian.

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Are you free tomorrow night?

Gretchen picked up something off the table.

"Your Majesty, you are evil!" "I'm evil to the people who spend all my money on junk like faulty maps!"


I was in a better mood three hours ago.


He was severe with his children.

He's my son.

Izzy gathered her composure.


I'm learning Scottish Gaelic.

Stay calm whatever happens.

The police arrested the murderer.


You're too weak.

Laurence asked for directions.

You may come if you like.

His action sprang from prejudice.

Takao said this is up your alley.

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You're not hard to find.

Why not take your coat off?

I want a better look at this document.

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I'm going to check upstairs.

You're jumping to conclusions.

Marek wiped his face with his sleeve.


Do you want to have children?

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Let's not forget that.

Both men died instantly.

I want people to live.

I'd recommend taking a break.

He is an absolute monarch.

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You didn't look.


His arguments don't convince me.


She looked bored while we were making love.


Jagath apologized again.


Unfortunately, she is absent.

Ivory Coast is the world's biggest cocoa producer.

He lived in Ukraine for many years.


Without you, I am not well.

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I slept so well last night.


James has a big schlong.


We went to the Asian supermarket.

I organized a marriage ceremony last month.

Ricardo and Tim played checkers.

Are we doing this?

I'd like a house like this.


The sky is serene.


I have asked you several times not to do that.


My throat is scratchy.

There's no solution to this problem.

I'm sorry, I misunderstood.

Cut one's coat according to one's cloth.

This ability to communicate helps us a lot.

I wish I'd brought more food.

Donal couldn't wait to tell Those the great news.


Have you seen Gregge in the last three hours?

I could eat this for every meal.

You can read between the lines.

It makes you look younger.

Both Eduardo and Rafik are in the living room, watching television.

My brother has a gift for painting.

I warned him.

Victor was killed by his own gang members.

It must be here somewhere.

It was easy to answer.

Jefferson rejected this idea.

I've never dated anyone like Srinivas.

Whose turn is it to make the coffee?


Heinrich took three steps backward.


There are many birds in this forest.

You don't have to go that far.

The higher you go, the lower the temperature.

Very well. Thank you.

Hui couldn't see anything.


I learned something new today.

All the doctors say that I shouldn't drink coffee, but, despite that, I do have a bit now and then when I'm in good company.

He was accredited to the chairman.

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You sound a lot like him.