I saw Hienz hide something.

I eat with my hands.


He went out the window.

He follows the same idea in everything that he prays for.

Japan depends on the Middle East for 70% of oil it consumes.

Tuna and Tim were high school sweethearts.

He has no friends to fall back on.

Her face was drenched with sweat.

It will be rather difficult for him.

That's probably a good idea.

Would you please turn down the TV a little?

Can't we start at the beginning?

This place still looks the same as it did a long time ago.


My flight leaves in three hours.

There is a risk.

"Are you a movie star now?" "No, silly."

Let me handle Grant, OK?

Myrick gave no other details.

I just want to see what it's like.

Life has been hard on her.

I have taken care of this child ever since his parents died.

You need to help.


I heard what you said.


Mayo picked up his clarinet and started to play.

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The truth?

He committed himself to the investigation.

They departed ten days in advance of our party.

I don't think Bruce is involved.

The new teacher was a disappointment to the class.

It's five o'clock already? Where does the time go?

Stephan broke the door open.

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But there had been no indications Gorbachev was having any sort of health problems, and it is not exactly clear what's happened to him now.

I try to put as few Latin words in my speech as I can.

Menopause can mean different things for different people.


It seems to me that you don't agree.

It's the portrait of misery.

I insist on that.

No matter where you looked you could see damage caused by the earthquake.

I'll get you back home.

It's not written in French.

He kept on laughing at me.

Rice grows in warm countries.

I wonder what's going on.

We call our English teacher E.T.

I'm good at skating.

Loren is going to be fine.

I forgot to tell Piercarlo what he was supposed to do.

The government fell.

The Toronto International Film Festival is the largest film festival in North America.


It would be stupid to do that.


It was very hard for me to find your apartment.


She doesn't always take a trip to France in summer.

I've been here for almost three years.

I heartily support you.


Jim made pancakes for Brent.


We can see more and more swallows.

Where do I cook supper?

I will be sixteen next birthday.

They had a rest for a while.

Stop taking advantage of his weakness.

Sunil's expected to make a full recovery.

Labelling speech as hate speech is a way to limit free speech by means of social pressure.


Can I talk to you a moment?

Sanjay and Lawrence rarely go out together.

Did you do something?

Fish do not have the brain development that is necessary for the psychological experience of pain or any other type of awareness.

I had a dream where a baby was playing with a knife.

Kanthan disguised himself as a woman.

I didn't get your last name.


Ti doesn't know where Diane is right now.

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He weighed the stone in his hand.

It's not a date. We're just going to see a movie together.

Let's not spoil it.

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Many trains pass through the old stone tunnel.


It didn't make much sense.


Donal was the only one in the room.


Valerie didn't show up for work this morning.

Why didn't you just kiss him?

I've never heard her speak ill of others.

The two elder brothers arrived first with their wives, beautiful, bright, and cheerful, and dressed in rich garments.

You say you've seen a UFO? Come on!


I'm sure I can find him.

Piete is mad at you.

Just talk with her.

Yesterday was Friday.

He got eight hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Concerning this computer, it broke a few days ago.

You don't need to attend every argument you are invited to.

As for the surgery, it might hurt.

Something's very wrong.

We need to come up with a plan.

Who says change is good?

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What led you to this conclusion?

I know it's wrong.

What is her shoe size?

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I've never actually been in love.

His latest work belongs to a different category.

They are no more alike than a cow and a canary.


Have you heard about the sinking of the Costa Concordia luxury cruise ship?

The class I have the most homework in is English.

How was Sam murdered?

He left the room the moment he saw me.

Don't do it if you care for your reputation.

Don't set foot in that neighborhood.

It was just an idea.


Janos's father was diagnosed with a brain tumor last year.

I will get even with you some day.

You need a keycard to open the door.

Who watches the watchers?

I will give you a good example to illustrate what I mean.


Please excuse me for being late.

Make your move, Gunter.

There are so many cats over there.

I used to like just sitting in the park and watching people.

For my friends, everything; for my enemies, the law.


I don't work there anymore.

Where've you been keeping yourself?

Valerie has told us a lot about you.

That's one of my favorites.

It was good working with you.

Why would she say no?

Smoking is dangerous to health.

She's a keeper.

I'm going to miss all of you when I move to Boston.


You should probably buy a ticket for Jisheng, too.


Many children are fussy about eating foods with certain textures.

The house has been empty for years.

Do you hold him in great account?

A girl named Kate came to see you.

Noam doesn't know why Wolfgang wanted him to leave.

This is a book.

I am adamant that he undertake it.

Please try to express the same with simpler words, so that our foreign colleagues can understand it better.

Stan knows he doesn't have enough money to buy everything he needs.


I know Simon is hiding something.

Suyog says that he can't do that.

This is very fresh.


I didn't want his help, but I had to accept it.


What to do!

Linley and his friends were asked to leave.

His younger sister is a well-known TV star.

Brian asked me when I was going to buy a new computer.

What a cute outfit!

Who is out there?

Mehrdad made one last attempt.


This is a Turkish tradition.


I'm a jinx. If I sold candles, the sun wouldn't go down.

I'm sure Liza will pick Alexander up after school.

I went for a short walk.

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Prices will certainly go up.


She goes to the dentist every two days.


He was sick of eating candy.

Ilya knew he wasn't going to win the argument.

Don't let that man dominate you.


His company is dangling by a thread. That's the rumor I hear.

Allan gave me back my money.

Scientists can easily compute the distance between planets.

If I were healthy, I could go on a hike.

We've got to tell everyone what happened out here.

What's the plan now?

Ramon did what he could.

I haven't seen much of Antonio recently.

Dick unscrewed the cap and handed the jar to Ahmed.