I'm in the market for a new computer.

A new rota will be posted later.

Dan believed that Linda was cheating on him.

I'll make a deal with you right now.

It is a joy to welcome overseas visitors to our home.

There are always exceptions.

The hospital food wasn't as bad as I expected it to be.

Both the parents are still living.

You'll be fine!

I think you've had too much to drink.

I think it would be best if you didn't go over to Derek's house.

No one will attend to you there.

Joachim is Lorraine's teacher.

Beat it.

I talk in my sleep.

Has something happened that I should know about?


I used to live there.

This firm has a hundred employees.

Your home is where someone thinks of you and likes you.

You can't talk to me that way.

His father was a wealthy, uneducated farmer who died three months before Newton was born.


I need to feed Clyde.


Shawn was momentarily silent.

I don't think Takeuchi trusts many people.

Neville asked Suzan to warm up some leftovers.

It can be yours, for the right price.

What do you say to dining out together?

What did you end up doing?

It goes without saying that you can't buy happiness.


You know that feeling?

I found my lost dog by means of a notice in the paper.

What did you miss?

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.

Data compression algorithms can be classified in two categories: those with data loss and those without data loss.


I don't have all that much money with me.


How dare you do that to him?

You don't have to sit with Cynthia.

America bleeds credit.

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He is taller than me by a head.

I'm glad you didn't call us.

I wimped out.

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Moses didn't want Debi to suffer.

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That could've happened to me.

We've been sabotaged.

She was barred from the club.

I have been learning English these four years.

I swear you my life that it's true !

His name is known to everyone in this town.

She eats but little.

Oskar has trouble getting along with other students in his class.

It confuses me how combs can become so tangled up in my hair.

He is not sleeping.

He's old enough to be her father.


We haven't laid off any employees yet.

"Learn from your mistakes" and "Experience is the best teacher" they say, but in the long run even the best teacher gets mad, if he or she has too much to teach in too little time.

You go to the market.

Coca-Cola advertisements can be seen all over the world.

Shane advised Cathryn to go to the hospital.


Malloy trained his dog to bark at strangers.

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I hear that you are going to the United States.

I guess everybody thinks that I'm in love with Gregge.

I had problems with my former tenants.


I know there are others.

Don't you talk in the classroom.

Thanks for calling.

I need Mara to translate something for me.

It was already late, so I went back home.

I'm a human.

I wonder when Anne will come.


To our great disappointment we failed to carry out intention.

He asked me if I could do him a favor.

I think Hsuan kind of likes Cindie.

Did you ask Rand what he thought the problem was?

The wrestler had his right leg broken in a bout.

This apartment is within biking distance of the university.

Morning, Haruki. You've got bed hair.

It looks like Nadeem will be staying for a while.

That's fantastic.


The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

So valuable were the books that they were handled with the greatest care.

I want to send this postcard to Japan.

I want to drink a Guinness right now.

The army was unexpectedly attacked.

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What a lonely world it will be with you away!

The alarm woke up Mayuko.

This subject is the most important.

Shut the damned door!

I asked Tommy to come over.


The boy threw a stone.

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Dan ridiculed Linda in the presence of her parents.

He was eager to show off his new bicycle to his friends.

A Japanese garden usually has a pond in it.

When is the first day of spring?

You don't have to be discouraged because you are not a genius.


The price is reasonable.

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Takao is a legend.

It's not safe at night around here.

Competition is not bad in itself.


I can't believe Srinivas really doesn't want to go to Boston with us next week.

To say that she was perfectly content and satisfied with these arrangements, and regarded them as being no business of hers, and that she took her arms and legs as they came, and allowed them to dispose of themselves just as it happened, is to render faint justice to her equanimity.

Another three miles is more than I can walk.


Water is heavy.

They waited for their teacher.

I met my friends yesterday.

Nobody wants to play with me.

It's a great deal.

She finds an everlasting enjoyment in music.

Have an open mind.

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Hirotoshi is trying to do his best.

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At present we have various difficulties to cope with.

I like to read.

My bookcase is deep enough to take large dictionaries.

Thank you. God bless you. And may God bless the United States of America.

I entered a restaurant and had lunch.


This type of mobile phone sells well.


Miles only began to feel safe after he moved.

We heard tigers roaring in the distance.

I'd like you to have an ultrasound.

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It is impossible for me to help you.

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Anatole is from the same village that I'm from.

Burglars broke into his house.

When the national hockey team visited America, half the players defected.

I lose things all the time.

I didn't feel particularly happy.

My old job was extremely boring.

I think we're OK.

Supposedly, his father once betrayed China.

Giovanni had lunch.

Olaf is the frontman of the band.

How do we stop it from happening again?


Dating him is probably a bad idea.

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He worked very hard, but could make little progress.

I'll arrive at Haneda Airport tomorrow evening at 7.

He did it without me knowing.

If you're suggesting that I had anything to do with, you're wrong.

Go on ahead, Justin.


He was unwilling to tell us his name.

That didn't bother me.

My house is close to the supermarket.


That's a heartwarming scene.


Tal kept cleaning.

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As a young man, he did not know that he was to become famous later on.


Did you find your gloves?

Heather wanted to know what happened.

Marcos wouldn't let that happen.

He returned to the country whence he came.

I told her what you did.

All great truths begin as blasphemies.

You didn't touch anything, did you?


I had an awful day.

Joni set fire to Jennie's house.

You may come whenever you like.

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I am from Egypt.

Hurry! There's no time to lose.

That won't make any difference.

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That was important.

They used abusive language to her.

I'm taking you dancing.

Frankly speaking, he is an unreliable man.

Don't judge a person by his appearance.


Marci can fix this.