I sent my mother some flowers on Mother's Day.


I'll see what else I can find to eat.

Don't you care what your parents think?

Travis remained quiet for a moment.

This is creepy.

I'm not blind.


Writers such as novelists and poets don't seem to benefit much from the advance of science.


You lied to her.


She was advised by him to give up smoking.

She told Frances the whole story.

We'd be foolish to do that.

I usually get up early in the morning.

Do they sell books?

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We'll be together soon.

I plan to have lunch with him.

I'd like to find out how Micheal is getting along with his new boss.


Like a typical vertebrate the human has two pairs of limbs.

He was the very man for such a position.

He attended the party yesterday.

I totally disagree.

All prepositions take the nominative.

Julianto heard the sound of running footsteps.

I have complete confidence in you.

Piet said that she wanted a squirrel for Christmas and she was disappointed when she only got a stuffed squirrel.

I'm a novice at programming, but I learn quickly.

Stacey asked Frederic if she thought he was handsome.

"Look but don't touch", says the fruit vendor.

Are we doing anything wrong?

The key to the so-called mastery of any language is bringing the words and grammar to life through context.

Anatoly woke up because the dog was barking.

He can speak both English and French.

Penny wants to set up a meeting.

This compelled me to stay another week.


Didn't everybody have a great time?

Cry: tears are the heart's petals.

The youngest child spent every morning at a nursery.

Dewey heard the front door slam.

He needs to come.

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Conkling decided to resign in protest.


I sincerely apologize.

Of course Seymour will go.

I sat between Morris and Becky.

How can I be of service?

She's a yoga teacher.

I'd really rather go alone.

She's making progress.


I want to learn all the words on this list by the middle of July.

She's in high school, but her boyfriend is in college.

Some people were hurt.

This serves to show how honest she is.

We should give Miles a chance to confess.

Don't do this to yourself.

Arthur sent flowers to his mother.

I'm an actress, not a model.

She is a shining example of absolutely nothing.

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The label is attached to the trunk.

Do you also want a shave?

Brett still lives by himself.


I will prescribe a febrifuge to you.

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You must follow the rules.


I shouldn't have wasted my time watching that movie.

Laurianne still doesn't understand.

Pim lived with his uncle in Boston while going to college.

She's busy.

Do you know what just happened?

Wolf was satisfied with the work Gail had done.

That sounds like Paul.


This world is but canvas to our imaginations.

Catching cancer early increases survival odds.

He solely offers wholesale.

Caesar led the whole cavalry across the mountain.

She was sitting in a chair, watching TV.

There's only one bullet left.

How can you want to be my friend? Can't you see that I'm a wretch?

I'm going to tell everyone tonight.

I asked him to send us the book.

I was really shocked.

She knew he was sad, but she couldn't pinpoint the reason why.


I'll see to it that it never happens again.

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There is more moorland in Northern Germany than in Southern Germany.

Under no circumstances will the princess succeed to the throne.

Torsten's friends called him Mr. Money Bags.


Cup ramen are bad for your health.


What would you like to export?

I told you Sanford wasn't hungry.

They all just looked at her.

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For Hawking, writing this book was not easy.


I blab about the boy all the time.

The countries should aid the countries much more.

She is reputable, rational and above all pretty.


Why are you being so distant?


I can't deal with this anymore.

We overwhelmed the many enemies.

I'm not big on sports.


Jeannette studied French last night until midnight.


Not all men are created equal.


He convinced his daughter to not marry Darryl.

Thank you for the introduction.

Who is going to sit in for you?

He fell into a deep depression and decided to off himself.

The fruit is sour.

Fax this to this number in Tokyo, please.

I have a certain amount of money on me.

Honzo is very unhappy, isn't he?

My father told me not to read books in bed.


You shouldn't have to pay that much to buy one of those.


There's been a flood of inquiries about the accident.


I usually get up late.

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Everyone's asking for you.

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He had his socks on inside out.


She curtained the windows.

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I like the blue.

People usually don't like what they can't understand.

You should stop that.

Get ready! Tomorrow is the last day.

I'm sure we can trust him.

His observation is sharp, but he says very little.

Johnnie didn't know how to answer Nathaniel.

How many days are there in a week?

I sent Chip some flowers.


I have to hurry to the station to take the last train.

Science can be dangerous when applied carelessly.

I used to be a rodeo clown.

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The whole country talks about it.

I want to buy some dark glasses.

The bell rang. The teacher told the students to hand in the papers.

Do you have any idea who did this?

Eva's boss told him that his performance left a lot to be desired.

No, I don't understand Mrs. Kunze.

I would like to have some more water.

This is a very famous story.

Do you mind my turning on the radio?

Do you really think I wanted this?

Such drastic economic growth cannot be sustained.


I'm used to cooking for myself.

The sick person was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.

Liz heard a cry for help.


We are doomed!

Jay is distracted.

Clyde told me he was thirty.


I think you know Cynthia.

No matter how rational your words may sound, someone will always contradict you.

I think Paula drank out of my glass by mistake.

She has a negative attitude toward life.

Tell me what's wrong with him.

Cyrus didn't build the doghouse that Warren wanted him to build.

I smiled and pretended I was happy.

He admonished his son for being lazy.

She got the children ready for a walk.

They all wanted a taxi.

It's a strange one.

He was a member of the expedition which climbed Mount Everest.

Pim wanted us to see it.

She noticed her husband's wandering eye.

You're still here.


I'd never hurt him.


Who gets it?

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It had an effect very different from the one intended.