That is all we can do, so far.

Nice is to the south.

Why would I be here if I didn't have to be?

My resolution was shaken when I heard about it.


Huey put his briefcase on the seat next to him.

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Go easy on the beer!

It's a house that you give to me.

The original is unfaithful to the translation.

Oh, woe is me!

Elizabeth knows better than that by now.

Buildings have several floors.

How do you want this handled?

I work in a bank.

Is there a problem with Shannon?

The indigenous population took up arms against the settlers.

I won't keep anyone here longer than I have to.

Tell me where I can find Mongo.

He paid at most ten thousand dollars.

The man was mild of manner.

I'm available in case you need something.

I know it's in here somewhere.

Bill is really fighting the battle of the bulge.

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I was fined 20 dollars for illegal parking.

Things happened very quickly.

Yes, bring me gruel.

You taught me well.

Jeremy was overcome with jealousy.


There are no comments for now.

They are suffering from want of food.

I hurt my shoulder yesterday.

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She threw up.


This sounds about right.


The question now is why.

It's just a figure of speech.

Ranjit asked Alejandro to look after the children.


All things in time.


Sex change operations are now tax-deductible.

Charge it to my account.

The umpire called the ball foul.

I know Andrina doesn't take things seriously, but she is a wonderful friend.

The thunderstorm produced a lot of lightning.

Jennifer wasn't even on the plane.

An innocent passer-by was shot dead in broad daylight.


I wish I was there with you.

I've never been able to roll my Rs...

Liber smiled back.


Phillip didn't want to stop doing what he was doing.


This is a statue of Mercury.

Am I supposed to help them?

They're not afraid of me.

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Sonny will be here in half an hour.

What part of "Be patient" don't you understand?

"Where are my shoes?" "They are under the bed."

Men, women, boys, and girls, they're all people.

Where shall we eat tonight?

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She's young, naive and inexperienced.

The confessional allows to negotiate on errors.

Think of the starving children.

Take care lest you should fall.

How drunk was Kayvan?

They eat these things.

Sjouke should be done by now.


Your room's ready.


I was taught something different.

Lindsey and Ping were witnesses.

It doesn't look good, does it?

I just spoke with the police.

I really want to learn to speak French fluently.

Whether you like it or not, we have to do it that way.

They want him back.

I never wanted you to get involved in this mess.

Tell me how to find them.


They failed to fulfill the conditions.


Where did Mehrdad learn French?

There is a flower on the table.

I didn't realize that.

We make the total about $50.

We should not despise a man because he is poor.


Today I got up early.


The drinks were served in coconut shells.

You've had a good year.

I'll go wash my hands.


I had no idea you knew how to speak French.

Don't get rough with them.

You must follow the rules.

Panzer and Richard weren't sure what to do.

Edmond saw Olivier's name on the list, too.

Can I use your bathroom?

He tells us secrets.

That's the best we have.

Where did you get all that money from?

The small statue is said to be made of fine gold.

We need a knife for the butter.

Please come to my house for a while.

It's been quite a week.

He is not in.

I still have vivid memories of the explosion of the space shuttle.

His only wish was to see his son again one more time.

Let's enjoy ourselves to our heart's content.


It is easy for him to carry the stone.

I know that you know that I know.

I do not work so you can be lazy and rest all day long!

We're in shape.

It's sufficient.

I think Glynn lied to Adam.

Will people make fun of me?

Eddy pulled out one of his earplugs.

Narendra is here with me now.

The lights were out.

Ranjit heard the sound of running footsteps.

Ro is a recluse.

He could not speak French well.

Philip nodded yes.

The woman is fat.

It's almost unbreakable.

That's what you get for not listening.

Hamilton could hear Deirdre sobbing in the next room.

I never worry much about that.


Let's make a drawing.

I saw nothing.

I think Ofer might actually want someone to kill him.

Spring brings warm weather and beautiful flowers.

Novo is getting on your nerves, isn't he?

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Ann didn't want to talk to his wife.

What's the horse's name?

We didn't like each other.

Robin is Batman's friend.

He lost hope and killed himself by taking poison.

Please turn up the gas.

He had nothing to say, so he went away.

Claudia has a pierced ear.

King is a good-looking woman.

Christmas Day falls on December 25th every year.

That's why some veterans never wanted to talk about the war.

What a cute little girl!

Bring her in here.

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She's outraged.


Jamie mistook the sugar for salt.

The dangers are obvious.

Do it right away.

Due to limited visibility navigation may be difficult.

I am very glad to hear that you speak Scottish Gaelic.

Jacobson wondered why Owen had written his name on the back cover of her notebook.

A battle is a method of untying with the teeth a political knot that would not yield to the tongue.

The experts have long been handling the problem.

Tickets are $13 online and $15 at the door.


The Space Shuttle has the ability to take off like a rocket, orbit the Earth like a spaceship, and land on a runway like an airplane.

She tried to go on a diet and lose five kilograms.

I think you shouldn't go.

I'm not sure what happened.

Brad dreamed that one day she would meet a prince and they would get married.

Andreas will find you.

People are people through other people.


It shouldn't take us long to finish this.

Are you going to tell them?

Have you given Damon the key?


She will change it.

She exhaled loudly.

You're going to do great.


Were they busy last week?

The world belongs to the violent.

His speech was very poor.

Vince was born on a cold winter morning.

Jong and Erick each took one cookie.

Think usually wears her long hair in pigtails.

Open up your mind.


Martin never asked.

I consider him a great scientist.

I don't know any other way to do it.