Gregory was looking for Teruyuki.

Does it snow a lot in the winter?

Spyros said he wasn't interested in Socorrito, but he seemed to always be looking towards the side of the room where she was.

I don't think Murat would mind if I used his bicycle.

He poured the milk in a bowl.

I want to change ten thousand yen to dollars.

I used to listen to the calls of the wild birds in this forest.

My boss made me work last Sunday.

I've never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.

We require the garden fences for immediate delivery.

He became a great musician.

The need for reform in Italy is enormous.

People are too materialistic these days, in the vulgar, rather than the philosophical sense of the word.


His promise cannot be counted on at all.

Whether a language, dialect, or accent sounds pleasant or not is heavily dependent on whether the listener has any prior prejudices or preconceptions about what he or she is hearing.

You didn't know Shannon was going to Boston, did you?

He visited her house the other day.

Did you hear what I said to Judith?

Do you want to join us?

What made you think that?

When you see each other you and Geoffrey, you're like magnets.

Can plants feel pain?


Few girls were late for school.

We need to start looking for a new place.

It is no use going there.

Please tell me where the bus stop is.

He apologized to them for taking up their time.

Nanda, look who's here.

He missed the last train by a minute.

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This road will take you to the museum.

Sigurd hopes he won't be eating leftovers again tonight.

The guests prepared for their departure and packed their suitcases noisily.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

The doctor can't examine the patient being drunk.

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He was an early riser in his youth.

Please feed the dog.

Randal learnt how to kill vampires.

Milo is still studying French, isn't he?

I only have time for coffee.

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It's unnatural.

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If I can't trust myself, who can I trust?

How did you become so rich?

I haven't written any new poems in a long time.

I'd rather clean my room than spend time doing my homework.

Wilson kept scribbling.

Do they sell books?

What kind of taxes are there?


I think he's hiding something from me.

Lewis could hear the television blaring in the background.

There is no room for romance in my life.

There are still a lot of dishes on the table.

Aimee told me you work for him.

Living is dear, accordingly we have to economize.

Root is the assistant manager.


People often feel ten feet tall and bulletproof after taking ice.


I don't speak Japanese.

Go play tennis with him.

I relied on him.

He explained the matter to me.

I think I need to see a doctor.

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Before I go to sleep, I listen to music.

Are you free this weekend?

Sometimes it takes more than one person to do this.

Maths. Homework's about derivatives, but I really can't seem to cope with it.

Excellent! It's just like you to come through like that.

Dorian is gone.

The cat has hidden under the bench.

It was all here.

He does not like the music I listen to.


Have you told Len how to do that?


I think that it is really sad that someone could do that for money.


Curt pulled into a gas station.


We'll see each other again someday.


Be sure and remember to write a letter.

How long will you remain in London?

This shouldn't have happened.


Do you think I should tell Patty what you just told me?


There was nobody here yesterday.

I'd better run.

If he's late, it's OK to start the meeting without him.

Have a nice vacation.

I heard you were having a party.

He was so vigorous in making love that his companion for the evening went down for the count.

Who is your favorite composer?

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Janet grew up in a small town not far from here.

Frederic wants to go to Boston.

That was only a year ago.


Just joshing.


She was excused attendance at the meeting.

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That's all we did.

We should do this once a week.

Do you have a coin?

Any of you can do it.

Do I need to book a seat?

Ken jumped over the wall.

Winnie knocked at the door.


You just can't give up.


I had lunch with him today.


Have you ever massaged your legs with this ointment?

Marvin knew Hiroyuki could speak French fairly well.

If you didn't take it, who did?

Hop in.

Don't you two ever stop arguing?


I used to get good grades in French.

A friend of mine showed me all the dolls he had bought abroad.

Now you've hurt my feelings.

I've detected a big mistake.

Not one of them was there.


Did someone pay for this?

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You have to take off your shoes before entering houses.

Marvin and Velma were unable to attend the wedding.

Milo gave Spencer some money to help her buy her mother a Christmas present.

You seem to have made considerable progress since I saw you last.

I'm unable to read this difficult text.


Have you already paid?

Terri moved a little closer to see what was happening.

I'm not going to do anything until I talk to Jill.

Buy me a turtle, Mom, please buy me a turtle!

The victim was identified as Dan Anderson.

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Felipe has two cars and one bike.

She was caught in a shower and got wet to the skin.

I can't believe you.

When men go to the gym it seems they really work their biceps.

How do I know you're telling the truth?

She was full of joy.

That's what I'm investigating.

I believe I understand.

I'm curious.

Of the bad one always hears more than of the good.

Wish me luck.


Mahesh didn't really feel like playing chess with Danielle.


Did you follow the link in the e-mail I sent you?

Kathryn is our best pilot.

She advised him not to go there by himself.

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Olof bought a present for her daughter's friend.

Why didn't you note down the points?

I want brown shoes, not black ones.

Francis made Alice a new dress.

It is said that the girl sold her body.

I can tell that you want to go home.

I guess I could use that.


I always said that your mobile never worked well.

Jack told me I was cute.

We're checking it out.

Irvin introduced Phill to all his friends.

If you had helped me, I would have succeeded.

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She was always different from other children.

Do you consider Conrad a friend?

We need to be quick.

We have a houseful of guests.

You can use my desk if you want.

I'm sending you $12 on my order No. 2345 by check.

I'll help them tomorrow.

He seems to have been in poor health when young.

They stayed in the room with me for the whole night.

Edgar would want me to say that.

No matter how old one may be, one can learn.

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Who do we see about that?

I want to buy a new pair of shoes.

I used a photo of my dog for my desktop wallpaper.


It was Swamy's idea to rob the bank.

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We can't leave this here.