We've brought you a present.

Manuel imitated Raja.


Cut it in half.

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I'm not sure what Conrad's plan is.

I can't go out, because I was injured a week ago in an accident.

Richard seems to be depressed this morning.

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You should've been here.

He loves him.

Now less than ever!

"Who is Norman Finkelstein?" "He is an American political scientist."

He wasn't a photographer!


Piotr is playing the piano.

Herb was here with Diane yesterday afternoon.

Are there any direct flights between Boston and Sydney?

The actor must be prepared at the time of personifying a character.

Give it to us.

Make the best of one's lot with fatal resignation.

I don't know German.

Are you still working for her?

I am not satisfied with my present lot.

That is sensitive apparatus.

I'll let Raif go.

He said farewell as he was about to leave.

We must look to the government for a tax cut.


Marek was the first boy to hug Louiqa.

I love to see you laugh.

It made me smile.


I don't trust you at all.


He got 90 in English.

Without proper radiation protection, humans can't venture out in deep space.

Rathnakumar and Granville don't eat out as often as they used to.

We can't assume this money is Sjaak's.

Jennie will surely be happy this morning.

Why buy something you'll never use?

Why don't you wait in the car while I go into the store?


He greatly enjoys football.

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We tried to handcuff them.

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Everybody likes money.

I want to know who your friends are.

What're you doing now?

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Tell us how we may help you.

Narendra was here not very long ago.

Rhonda's behavior never ceases to surprise me.

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No one can blame you for being a little nervous.


We've already tried.


The wasp killed the spider.


I am on visiting terms with her.

I've got to tell Turkeer.

Alvin only gives raw meat to his cat.

It's time for your shot.

Jones doesn't pay much attention to nutrition.

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How much will it cost to have my car washed?

I'm feeling kind of breezy today.

Carlos Morel was the first Argentine illustrator.

He finally became the president of IBM.

Toufic couldn't find the bus stop.

Level off the sugar when measuring out.

She thought it was stupid.


The name Duncan doesn't ring a bell.

Bradford ordered another drink.

Sanity had to go by himself.

He found no difficulty in solving the problem.

We should try to treat everybody with justice.

Let's wait here until he turns up.

A musician can appreciate small differences in sounds.

He was ready.

Monica spent all weekend doing an assignment that was due by Monday.


Before the conquest by the Arabians, the majority of the Persians were Zoroastrians, but there were also Jews and Christians. So, who could imagine today that Iranians have Jewish or Christian ancestors?

Marguerite is kind of standoffish.

They should rule who are able to rule best.


The first violins carry the melody.

Lyndon wasn't expecting that.

The news of his death spread abroad.


The instant he saw me, he ran away.


Is someone coming for us?

Sekar might object.

Irwin is sometimes absent from work.


Open the gate.


My dad is the best dad in the universe.

Vistlik answered in the affirmative.

It isn't there.

Knute opened his bag.

Leora wants to trade.


Do you know anything about Lloyd's parents?

Moderate exercises will make us feel good.

There's no need to hurry. We have plenty of time.

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You don't even know his name.


I have a message for you.


Inventing a star like you isn't simple.

Justin is still there.

Flap your wings or die.

All I can do is to work silently.

NASA's first spacesuits were developed for the Mercury program.

That's the last we saw of Susanne.

All the participants seemed to agree.


Shane seemed preoccupied.

I'll see him again.

Those shoes won't do for climbing.


I knew you wanted to show me something.

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Confess right now!

I wonder if you can assist me.

You won't make it, not even in your dreams.


You want to drink tea or coffee?

Real asked me if I wasn't feeling well.

The leader of our party met with the other leaders and talked about the problem.

Barton is the only person who knows about this.

His logic possesses astonishing clearness.

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I didn't understand the question.


He disposed of his old house.


The women paraded around seminude.

If only I had known this earlier.

They aren't going to be able to pay their debts.

Even if you had studied a lot you would not have passed the exam. It was too difficult.

Everyone should exercise their right to vote.

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Why are you so interested in what Sanjeev thinks?


A church in Los Angeles has decided to press charges against a homeless man who stole a few cookies from the church's cookie jar.

I'm following Guy.

My ring is gone.

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Euler's identity really is remarkable.

I would've volunteered.

Obedience is not enough.

I know what this is.

Would you like to sit on my knee?


I'm pleased to hear that.

I might have something here that will help you.

Why do you need this?

He didn't write me back.

I took the cake out of the oven too early.


We'll throw this into the drawer.

That's the part I liked best.

He saw the boy jump over the fence and run away.

I told Frank he should tell Sedat he didn't want to see her anymore.

Blake started packing his backpack.

Srikanth heard Rick was in the hospital.

I haven't been reading difficult books recently, so my head's going dull.

It is a little cold.

Brazil needs more engineers.

Sandra is the only one who knows why Hillel isn't here.

I came here to investigate Sharada's death.

I have spent three times as much money as you spent

I hope we beat her.


I'll be thirty soon.

How do you prepare this dish?

You should be happy.


We have to draw a line somewhere.


I live pretty close to her.

I need this back by tomorrow.

Pain management is the priority.

I know it for a fact.

Help me hide this money.

No one has a problem.

Strange, isn't it?

Even though he's my neighbour, I don't know him very well.

Anna's father is a brilliant actor, but in real life he's a crashing bore.

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How deep is the abyss?

I put my arms around his neck.

We tried it your way last time and it didn't work.