This music is popular with young people.

This argument is pure rhetoric.

The spy burned the papers.

Don't slurp.

I wish my family was happy like yours.

Her grandmother lived to be eighty-eight years old.


I've got to go now.


I wish I could relax listening to music.


You're good at what you do.


He wrote a book on porcelain.

The boys who helped us weren't so young.

I'm worried about her.


I've got nothing.


You're one of the people in this picture.


She is in her element when it comes to tennis.

I will advise you on the matter.

Toufic decided he was too old for rock climbing.

I've already forgotten more than you'll ever know.

She displayed excellent behavior.

Sergei picked up the glass and took a drink.

I spoke with him today.


Actually, the soup was too salty.

Do people really pay you to do this?

Nancy and Jane had to go home at five thirty.

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At most, it'll cost ten pesos.

He provides for his family.

To begin with, you must build up your body.

I don't feel guilty about that.

The child was hot with fever.

This is a set phrase of his.

They swam out to the island.

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I skipped English class this afternoon.

I want some orange juice.

I gave them all my money.

Man knows the world not by what he takes from it, but by what he adds to it.

I'm glad you stayed in Boston for an extra three days.

What sweater do you like more?

I like the friendly atmosphere here.

I often think about my deceased mother.

He will not listen to any of us; you might as well talk to a figure of stone.


He isn't home.

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He bent over the girl and kissed her.

Would you like some fruit juice?

I sold my guitar today.

Mr. Smith teaches me English.

The people stood up so as to see the parade better.

Why persist in writing essays if one has not even mastered the art of writing succinct sentences?

Self-confidence is the principal element of any great endeavor.


probitas maxima virtus est.

The problem with the Swedish animation industry is that it is, by and large, non-existent.

I'll visit you when you invite me.

Obama focused on the financial crisis.

Leave the rest to me.


Bollocks, where in God's name did I put my house keys?


Military training is training given to soldiers.

Primary healthcare in Canada is usually the responsibility of a doctor in general practice, although in northern and remote locations a nurse-practitioner often fills this role.

There is food on the desk.

Don't make me regret lending you this money.

Do you know how to ride a horse?


I've heard Italian is a tricky language.

What're Izchak and Patrice doing here?

Kitty is a lot stronger than Luc.

It's going to be really cold tonight.

Gerard speaks with a French accent.

I couldn't go out because of the rain.

Can you go around the world in a day?


Mr Smith is poor but he has seen better days.

Giraffes have very long necks.

The picture of the accident makes me sick.

I'll come by tomorrow morning.

What do you want us to do?

The committee decided to call off the strike.

The bus now arriving is going to the International Terminal via Domestic Terminal 1.

Jimmy is too depressed to work.

He is still very much alive.

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It's quite good.


You'll die in jail.

Many people think that children don't spend enough time playing outside.

You ought to know.

Shahid doesn't know his date of birth.

You're not a very good negotiator, are you?

What you say does not affect me anymore.

Is this your first time in Korea?

Don't hate that which you don't know.

When do I get to talk to them?


Andrew ought to admit that he was wrong.

All the colour went from Shoichi's face.

You shouldn't tell Carolyn everything.

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He's a gambler.

Here's to you!

We're puzzled.

I could hardly wait.

I'm talking about you.

Micky can be very dangerous.

She kisses her child a hundred times a day.

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My mom looked funny with a mud mask on her face and rollers in her hair.


Shahid doesn't seem too happy to see us.

We pitched our tents before it got dark.

Come here at six, not before.


She's a lawyer.

That's the last straw!

Pilot and Rodney have different philosophies of life.

I wasn't joking.

Has anyone found him yet?


All the good ones are already taken.

I can't get this suitcase open.

Bob wanted to keep the fox at home.

His new job brought him a handsome income.

Write it up.


We should have some more wine.

Why didn't you just tell us?

I certainly hope that'll happen.

All of the cookies are in the shape of stars.

I've got something for her.

Did you know that Bruce has a son?

Dan needs a massive crane at his worksite.

You are being guided.

Is Ernst coming in to meet with you today?

They died trying to rescue others.

The limits of my language are the limits of my world.


Your spirit has fallen into the hell.

How long has Ken lived in Kobe?

I hear she is going to get married next month.

A mistake young people often make is to start learning too many languages at the same time, as they underestimate the difficulties and overestimate their own ability to learn them.

Ramon has been behaving like a child.

I just want to tell all of you how much I enjoyed being here.

I didn't come here for Phiroze.

Archie will go, too, won't he?

Mickey doesn't come here very much.

Paul is by far the most charming boy in our school.

Do it again!

They announced that they were going to have a party.

A temporary government was established.

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Rex talked to Andries yesterday.

You guys aren't from around here, are you?

The earth is covered with forests.

Brodie was rude and obnoxious.

It's sort of personal.

We all know him.

Let's offer it to him.


Give me the password.

It's not just Ravindranath's problem.

We can move it by ourselves.

People who don't have a computer can't make full use of this MP3 player function.

How to overcome the high value of the yen is a big problem.

You have a very logical way of thinking.

I found a strange object lying on the road.

Months went past without any news from him.

Frederic slept on the top bunk.


She reads.


Don't scold her. She's too young to understand.

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Who'd ever want to leave here?


That book helps you to write effectively.

Where is she? She is in the kitchen.

I suppose he'll come.

I feel the uncertainty of life.

We were told by him to leave the room at once.

We have to wait here.

Fifteen thousand million euros must be saved over the course of the next four years.


The newspaper hasn't published our article yet.

Danielle is used to winning.

We have to learn all the songs before the end of the week.

Why isn't Dana happy?

And how do you know that?

Jim's uncle is due to retire next year.

We need to rest soon.