The Light of Marnie is a public charity located in Thorndale, Pennsylvania (U.S.A.). It was founded by Jennifer and John Lafferty and is named after Jennifer's mother who was a guiding influence in their family's lives.

After School USA

By offering grants to non-profit organizations, the Light of Marnie reaches struggling communities in America with immigrant and under privileged children. We believe that all children are entitled to an education that is rich in knowledge, social interaction, and one that enhances cognitive development. After school programs bridge the opportunity gap by creating transformational learning opportunities to empower youth to realize their full potential. This dynamic program allows immigrant children to transition into US schools both academically and socially.

Liberian Elementary Education

Although we are dedicated to creating a quality education and a safe place for every child we reach, Liberia (West Africa) is our primary objective. Because of the war, there was no schooling in most parts of this country. The Liberian education system was destroyed during the 14-year civil conflict. A 2003 study found that 20% of schools had been destroyed, and many of the remaining ones are in urgent need of repair. During the war, many education managers and teachers left the country and teachers without formal qualifications or experience took their place. The Light of Marnie has funded this humanitarian effort to allow elementary education to be developed in their country of origin.

West African Clean Water

We also support opportunities to fund community projects for schools, utility infrastructure and medical care. Clean Water in West Africa is one of them. Increased access to safe water and sanitation in rural households in West Africa is paramount. Clean water and sanitation can prove incredibly complex, thwarted by climate, culture, and politics. Bringing clean water and sanitation to these regions are not new in the world of community development. Our goal is to foster and support new collaborations that will create the necessary funding and support for basic health through clean water. Every new water well tapped brings clean, potable water to a least 5,000 people of a typical village.

The Light of Marnie is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation [EIN 45-4620101]. If you need further documentation or information, please contact mattock