We'll eat on the way.

He seems to think nothing of telling a lie.

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I am pretty sure.

Let's see what we can do to help.

It's quite likely that FIFA is rotten to the core.


Don't worry much. It'll be OK.

He popped a balloon besides my ear and I was really scared.

My name is not "you"; it's Ricardo.

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Philosophy is not so difficult a subject as you imagine.

The garden was full of yellow flowers.

The children called Maria a mama's boy.

What are you planning?

I think I just heard someone.

I don't want my son to join the special forces.

Ralph walked into the kitchen to get himself some coffee.

I voted for you.

She gave birth to twins.

I hear you're selling your car. What do you want for it?

I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.

I don't need to see the basement.

There are a lot of places to see around here.


You are acting like a three-year-old child.


Single people are the ones that always find out where the emergency exit is right away.

I like the boys from the start of the marathon.

Round about noon a friend of mine popped in.

He gave me a passport and told me to leave the country.

I definitely do not miss working in the city!

Lisa filled the bucket to the top.

The data is insufficient to show anything.

What if you were able to buy the house you've always dreamed of?

Murat looks very tired.

She is too tired to work.

You may have all the time you need.

I'm not desperate.

These must be worth at least three hundred dollars.

The pressure is enormous.

John is looking for Pokemons.

Hazel didn't do what he was supposed to do.

If I had money, I would pay what I owe you. As it is, I can't pay.

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How are the children?

She married John, not because she loved him, but because he was a rich man.

You mustn't keep a lady waiting.

I'm sick of your excuses!

Syed decided to upload the video he took to YouTube.


Skeeter goes for a walk every day.


I just wanted to wish you luck.

I couldn't ask for a better holiday!

I've told them where we are.

Something seems to be wrong with the stereo set.

I called a cab, because it was raining.


The vegetation and the murmuring water calm my ardent mind. A wind turbine rotates behind the trees.

That's not the reason why I said the job wasn't easy.

He was accused of evading tax.

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It will be raining at this time tomorrow.

She has lived there for seven years.

I failed to put film in my camera.

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You're wearing your T-shirt inside out.

Urs's commissions often exceed his weekly salary.

I'd like to see those reports.

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Huey has been gone for ages.

It wouldn't be a good idea to tell Moore what really happened.

She doesn't like snakes and mathematics.

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No admittance during the performance.

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This is the first time I've cut my finger with a knife.

I'm plowing the soil.

Aaron blew his nose in a handkerchief.

Sometimes he can be a strange guy.

Kieran went to the theater with Roderick.

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Curtis can't bear to open his eyes.

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Vinod is very much alone.


Peace is of great importance.

I wasn't staring.

You like fruit.

I think Spencer is normal.

Caleb said he didn't need a break.

He's coming back from America a week from today.

I can't sneeze with my eyes open, but I do know someone who can.

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No work is possible without an order.

I'll open it.

Takao is dumbfounded.

Everett is going to be fine.

You're the guy who killed him.


He lifted it up with all his might.

How long is this?

She had a headache.

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I won't give up, Jerry.


"So I can go?" "Run."

It's not worth worrying about it.

Jacques keeps encouraging Jeany to do things on her own.

Tony heard her voice and stopped playing the piano.

I don't know what you're complaining about.


It is evident from his behavior that he lies.

I saw my old classmate last week. She's as boring as ever.

Now we're here talking about a long-term historical perspective.

I have enough time for that.

How can I get taller?


I love you, dear sister.

The customs officials boarded the ship.

I don't know whether I'll go or not.

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The yen was revalued upward against the U.S. dollar from a rate of 360 yen against the dollar to 308 yen on December 18, 1971.


Sharada kicked Leora repeatedly.


I wish we could live here.


Everywhere he went, he taught love, patience, and most of all, non-violence.


I was kept waiting for a long time at the hospital.

Saad seemed angry.

I don't hang out with Hillel.

Now that's a pretty little girls' school.

Is your baby sleeping?

This picture frame can make the picture rise in value.

The teacher made the students do a lot of homework.

To do our part to protect the elderly, we work to educate and watch out for our clients during our caregiving activities.

The boat was piloted safely into harbor.

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The words confirmed him in his suspicions.

Maybe you should've thought of that before you did what you did.

Who told you Annie and Martyn were getting married?

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Everybody's still there.

I broke the wedding vows that I had sworn to Don Jose, my husband.

Were we supposed to ignore Bart?

Talking to him always puts me in a good mood.

He will be off tomorrow.

It's really dark in here. I can't see anything.

Suzan put the engagement ring on Slartibartfast's finger.

Carter told me he didn't recognize Samuel the last time he saw her.

I'd like to finish the job.


This article has to go through the censor's office.

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You ask in vain for forgiveness; your actions are unforgivable.

You can't save the world by yourself.

You're lying.

Vilhelm will talk to Tony.

Hand in your examination papers.

Who needs that old furniture?

There's no way I'm leaving you here alone with Jeannette.

I already know this.

He could devise clever alibis.


You three make a great team.


Do I look presentable?

I wish I knew how to play tennis.

I have an old car.

Jeffie was the last person to finish eating.

I have one in the car.

I can't change what's going to happen.

Will you sing me a Beatles' song?

I'm sure Beth has told Beverly what happened to John.

Who spread those rumors?

Ramsey dropped in on Lucius last night.

Traditional hula dancers did not wear grass skirts.

I respected him.

This isn't cheap.


Samir and Rhonda sat on the beach and talked to each other.

Srinivas and Pim broke off their engagement.

He laid aside a few dollars each week.


They're using you.

Customers haven't complained.

Hubert made an impressive presentation.

What do you expect me to do?

Saify buried his face in his hands.


Vijay couldn't resist the temptation.

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Don't lower your eyes.

Christmas fell on Saturday that year.

Lewis and Clark kept very careful records.

Randal is going to be here tomorrow.

Hold your tongue, Alberto.